ben hart – even a KayaFX scammer?

On many websites, where victims talked about the fraudulent actions of KayaFX, the name ben appears again and again. He seems to be one of the fraudsters of KayaFX. He never shows his true identity, though he was specifically asked. His positive reviews on many websites make you suspicious. He also does'nt reveal himself on facebook. His job is probably only to gloss over the devastating verdict on KayaFX on social media a bit. See also the following website where he speaks very positively about KayaFX. Incidentally, it is not possible to give yourself a rating. It's just a fake page.

KayaFx – Demo Competition

They deliberately drop the account – here the proof for scamming

Listing of the account movement by KayaFX

May: 69.000,00 €  (My Invest)

12. June 94.750,89 €
13. June 95.232,61 €
20. June 95.602,72 €
18. June Letter with finishing the coopertation with KayaFX
21. June 96.027,25 €
18. July 96.714,47 €  announced day of withdraw money from KayaFX (I get no money)
25. July 78.400,11 €
30. July 81.773,03 €
27. July 82.750,03 €
27. July 80.0873,03 €
2. August 61.978,40 €
6. August 61.268,66 €
10. August 42.196,19 €
16. August 27.417,06 €
17. August 22.593,34 €
27. August 29.594,33 €
29. August 11.073,82 €
30. August 9.972,71 €
3th September 9.972,71 €
5th September: after using the button "Activity" it's not possible to come into my account. Supposedly the password is wrong
7th september I have requested a new password and contacted the support. Both brought no result. I can not enter my account anymore.

Since today I don’t come with my password into my account.

Is there any question about this? I don't think so. They are scammers. The advertising on their website is a joke!

TV-show only a bait

An online article about the TV show "Cave of the Lions" (“Dragons‘ Den” in England) became my fate in May this year. A deceptively genuine article in the style of “Zeit-Online” had aroused my interest on the internet. It was about a very special deal with two young entrepreneurs who had allegedly programmed an app for trading with cryptocoins and with which everyone would be able to earn real money. As an example, they named Judith Williams in the article who allegedly had tried the same in the show and who had made amazing profits with her invested bitcoins. Of course, in the article were also shown matching pictures from the TV show with surprised faces of the investors.

So it was a supposedly safe investment tip, tested on television by a well-known German entrepreneur – Judith Williams as mentioned. And then –¬¬ bitcoins, a topic that I've pursued for a long time. At the end of the article there was also a direct link. By clicking on the link you were forwarded to the registration portal of Kayafx, an online-trader. According to “Zeit-Online” articles, they have made available a limited contingent for the viewers of Cave of the Lions.

I believed in Kayafx and started with an initial investment of 250 €. But that was just only the beginning. I invested a lot of money, I mean really, a lot! The online-traders have understood very well, to demand more and more invest. The profits rose impressively, the only way the cheaters could keep me that long. Now I know – everything was just fake. The “Zeit-Online” article: fake. The television program: It has never existed. The two entrepreneurs: fake. The app: also fake. The only thing that is real? Kayafx – a big scammer


So sah die Anzeige aus. Ich habe sie danach noch mehrmals im Netz gefunden.

Only faking trades

With Kayafx, you can make a quick profit. But you can be sure, they are just "hand made" fake trades. As soon as you request money back and delete the account, they will drop down the amounts. At the weekend I wrote about their cheating on their own Facebook page. Today there was a plus of 6000€. The comment function on Facebook they have now deleted. Not a good sign for an organization...).

Inhuman methods

I spent the afternoon sharing my opinion on Kayafx's incredibly perfidious scam on various review portals. It was important to me to name the names Andrey Borgov and Andy Nicolas in this scam context, not just Kayafx. They were my online brokers and at least I really believed and trusted Andrey in the beginning.

To make trouble for Kayafx

Man kann Kayafx am besten ärgern, wenn man alle Wege nutzt, um die Welt darüber zu informieren, dass sie einfach nur Betrüger sind. Mal schauen, wie lange sie brauchen, bis sie merken, dass ich über Kayafx was bei Facebook gepostet habe. Es war mir ein Vergnügen. (Sie haben über 24 Stunden gebraucht und mich jetzt für die Kommentarfunktion leider gesperrt).

They make the money disappear

After I have submitted a logically very poor rating on two review sites KayaFX, they manipulate the account massively. First they have halved the amount and now only one third of the amount originally deposited is available. But it's just a big fake anyway !!!

There are more and more people who leave in the portals about the machinations of KayaFX!

Sie täuschen Handel vor

Such Whats App news comes on the 2nd of august, after I canceled the account in mid-June and Tradig should no longer be made. The money should have been paid on July 27th Andy Nicolas told. I did not get money. After that, they now act as though they were still trading on the account, but that's all manipulated. 

Why KayaFX is so dangerous

Everything was alright in the beginning. I started with an investment of 250 €, attracted by a newspaper article on the popular German TV show called "Cave of the Lions". In England the show is called Dragons' Den, in Australia Shark Tank. Today I know that the article was just a forgery of KAYAFX to bait people. The article said that it had managed to secure a limited number of trading venues in an online trading house. This is also suitable for people without experience. I got in and did (unfortunately).




The article about the alleged shipment with the investors of the show "Dragons'Den" is a fake, there is nothing wrong. But you will be led to the trading account to try it yourself.

Profits rises – mistrust grows

As profits soared, I was ready to invest more. After a short time I was at a good five-digit sum. All seems good, bit I was disturbed that I was persuaded by the online brokers to bigger an bigger invests. In addition they often asked If I do not know other people who wanted to invest their money with trading.

Special events

They have urged me to invest in a special, great event for more profit. „Best event ever,“ they said and actually only brokers reserved. It seemed to be really successful, the supposed profits were high. But all in all, it was too much. I became more suspicious. I researched deeper on the internet about Kayafx and the results were alarming. I decided to end the collaboration as soon as possible.

Withdraw money impossible

As soon as you want to withdraw money, the problem starts. They are trying to delay the payout date with flimsy justifications. If then the payday is, - for me it was July 27, 2018, nothing happens. Then they just keep trading on the account - but you realize that they themselves are manipulating the sum. It is said that so much happens on the market that profits fall. It is fully nonsens.

Andrey Borgov und Andy Nicolas

Andrey Borgov and Andy Nicolas ... are my contact persons. Both speak English, Andrey with a slight accent. As long as things ... are going well, they are very friendly. That changes abruptly when you reclaim money. Then they are no longer available, you get no answer and no money.


ben hart ist keine „echte Person“ sondern scheint einer von KayaFX zu sein

In vielen Bewertungsportalen wo es um KayaFX geht, stösst am auf den Namen ben hart. Immer bewertet er gut und betont den tollen Service von KayaFX. Er ist aufgefordert worden über Facebook seine Identität zu zeigen. Das hat er nicht gemacht. Er scheint ebenso wie KayaFX ein fake und soll die vielen negativen Bewertungen über KayaFX aufbessern.