TV-show only a bait

An online article about the TV show "Cave of the Lions" (“Dragons‘ Den” in England) became my fate in May this year. A deceptively genuine article in the style of “Zeit-Online” had aroused my interest on the internet. It was about a very special deal with two young entrepreneurs who had allegedly programmed an app for trading with cryptocoins and with which everyone would be able to earn real money. As an example, they named Judith Williams in the article who allegedly had tried the same in the show and who had made amazing profits with her invested bitcoins. Of course, in the article were also shown matching pictures from the TV show with surprised faces of the investors.

So it was a supposedly safe investment tip, tested on television by a well-known German entrepreneur – Judith Williams as mentioned. And then –¬¬ bitcoins, a topic that I've pursued for a long time. At the end of the article there was also a direct link. By clicking on the link you were forwarded to the registration portal of Kayafx, an online-trader. According to “Zeit-Online” articles, they have made available a limited contingent for the viewers of Cave of the Lions.

I believed in Kayafx and started with an initial investment of 250 €. But that was just only the beginning. I invested a lot of money, I mean really, a lot! The online-traders have understood very well, to demand more and more invest. The profits rose impressively, the only way the cheaters could keep me that long. Now I know – everything was just fake. The “Zeit-Online” article: fake. The television program: It has never existed. The two entrepreneurs: fake. The app: also fake. The only thing that is real? Kayafx – a big scammer


So sah die Anzeige aus. Ich habe sie danach noch mehrmals im Netz gefunden.