Why KayaFX is so dangerous

Everything was alright in the beginning. I started with an investment of 250 €, attracted by a newspaper article on the popular German TV show called "Cave of the Lions". In England the show is called Dragons' Den, in Australia Shark Tank. Today I know that the article was just a forgery of KAYAFX to bait people. The article said that it had managed to secure a limited number of trading venues in an online trading house. This is also suitable for people without experience. I got in and did (unfortunately).




The article about the alleged shipment with the investors of the show "Dragons'Den" is a fake, there is nothing wrong. But you will be led to the trading account to try it yourself.

Profits rises – mistrust grows

As profits soared, I was ready to invest more. After a short time I was at a good five-digit sum. All seems good, bit I was disturbed that I was persuaded by the online brokers to bigger an bigger invests. In addition they often asked If I do not know other people who wanted to invest their money with trading.

Special events

They have urged me to invest in a special, great event for more profit. „Best event ever,“ they said and actually only brokers reserved. It seemed to be really successful, the supposed profits were high. But all in all, it was too much. I became more suspicious. I researched deeper on the internet about Kayafx and the results were alarming. I decided to end the collaboration as soon as possible.

Withdraw money impossible

As soon as you want to withdraw money, the problem starts. They are trying to delay the payout date with flimsy justifications. If then the payday is, - for me it was July 27, 2018, nothing happens. Then they just keep trading on the account - but you realize that they themselves are manipulating the sum. It is said that so much happens on the market that profits fall. It is fully nonsens.

Andrey Borgov und Andy Nicolas

Andrey Borgov and Andy Nicolas ... are my contact persons. Both speak English, Andrey with a slight accent. As long as things ... are going well, they are very friendly. That changes abruptly when you reclaim money. Then they are no longer available, you get no answer and no money.


ben hart ist keine „echte Person“ sondern scheint einer von KayaFX zu sein

In vielen Bewertungsportalen wo es um KayaFX geht, stösst am auf den Namen ben hart. Immer bewertet er gut und betont den tollen Service von KayaFX. Er ist aufgefordert worden über Facebook seine Identität zu zeigen. Das hat er nicht gemacht. Er scheint ebenso wie KayaFX ein fake und soll die vielen negativen Bewertungen über KayaFX aufbessern.